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Welcome to my new home!

After a couple of years using blogger, I’ve decided to switch hosts to wordpress. I’ve found it easier to use and customize. For anyone who’s interested, you can check out my publications and CV. I’ll also have a copy of … Continue reading

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"Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done"

Canadians today are rightly focusing today on Jack Layton’s legacy of optimism and integrity, and his inspiring, transcendent and completely heartbreaking final letter to Canadians. His letter, which I find difficult to read straight through right now, cannot be praised highly enough. … Continue reading

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The Sky Isn’t Falling? Dwayne Winseck Gives Us Some Much-Needed Perspective on Canada’s Media Economy

I’m kind of awestruck by Dwayne Winseck’s latest post, “The Growth of the Network Media Economy in Canada, 1984-2010.” Maybe I’m reading the wrong people, but it has to be one of the most substantive blog posts I’ve ever come across. … Continue reading

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Low Stakes in the Access Copyright Fight: $175 per author per year

DC Reid, over at Creators’ Access Copyright, responds to John Degen’s full-throated defence of Access Copyright (covered here and here), by reminding us what is at stake for creators in the whole Access Copyright-universities battle royale. In short, not very … Continue reading

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Cutting Copyright’s Red Tape

One other thing: John Degen’s one-sided opinion piece (is that redundant?) inadvertently highlights the absolutely vital need for Canada’s Copyright Act to be simplified so that anybody can understand it. As Degen points out, in the absence of a blanket … Continue reading

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