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Hubris and misdiagnosis in Burney and Hampson’s “How Obama Lost Canada”

I see Derek Burney and Fen Osler Hampson, both of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, have an article in Foreign Affairs with the provocative title “How Obama Lost Canada” (h/t Michael Forbes). It takes the … Continue reading

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Some stylized facts, two assertions, and one question about copyright and file sharing

It seems that one of my alt-rock heroes, David Lowery*, has managed to spark a debate over how musicians fare in the brave new world of digital distribution and file sharing. That’s a good thing because creators are all-too-often taken … Continue reading

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Looking past the easy targets: Miles Corak on the cancellation of the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics

It’s easy to be a critic: find something that annoys you and explain why you don’t like it. From the early Usenet flame wars, complaints and criticisms have been one of the Internet’s killer apps. It’s much, much harder to … Continue reading

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Canadian copyright and the rise of user rights

With Bill C-11 (legislative summary) moving ever-closer to Royal Assent, Michael Geist has a must-read post about how regular Canadians’ helped to make the final Conservative bill a lot more user-friendly than they had planned way back in 2007. For … Continue reading

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