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Lessons from Canada’s decade of copyright reform, or the limits to grassroots protest movements

(Somehow I forgot to post this back when C-11 actually passed the Committee stage back on March 15. Still, better late than never…) So Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act*, has finally passed the House of Commons committee stage: only … Continue reading

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So why did Canada cave to the U.S. on copyright?

If there were any remaining doubts about the role that the United States has played in convincing Canada to change its position on how to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization Internet treaties, last week’s dump of the remaining (unredacted) … Continue reading

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Cutting Copyright’s Red Tape

One other thing: John Degen’s one-sided opinion piece (is that redundant?) inadvertently highlights the absolutely vital need for Canada’s Copyright Act to be simplified so that anybody can understand it. As Degen points out, in the absence of a blanket … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Treaties

Big(ish) copyright news out of Canada and Mexico that serves as a timely reminder of the central role of trade negotiations in promoting harmonized intellectual property laws. Canadian and European trade negotiators are apparently closing in on a comprehensive economic … Continue reading

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