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All Hail General Krull! (Canadian Friendly Dictator Edition)

This post has nothing to do with copyright, but being a Canadian and a political scientist, I had to jot down my thoughts on Stephen Harper’s astonishing decision – and ability – to suspend Parliament for over two months. Harper’s … Continue reading

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The Value of Music, Beatles Edition

For sale on the Mexico City Metro: Two hundred and thirty-seven Beatles MP3s on one CD-ROM for 10 pesos (about 95 cents Canadian). As someone who understands the importance of The Beatles to pop music but wouldn’t cross the street … Continue reading

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Why Buy American has nothing to do with Canadian copyright reform

One of the fun things about doing a dissertation on copyright is that you can’t go a day without something interesting happening (unfortunately, this is also one of the annoying things when you’re trying to finish said dissertation). Yesterday’s news … Continue reading

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