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Parliamentary Committees I: The (mostly) civilized polar opposite of Question Period

Up front, I have to note that I worked as a committee staff member (specifically, I was an economist with the Parliamentary Research Branch of the Library of Parliament) from 1999 to 2005. In other words, I have no direct … Continue reading

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The prorogation protests: What’s next?

Nice to see so many Canadians out on the streets in the depths of January to protest prorogation. With any luck, this strong turnout will finally put to rest the idea that Facebook-based protests are inconsequential “slacktivism.” Facebook is a … Continue reading

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Facebook Activism, Redux

The blogosphere and pundits are all atwitter over the Facebook group, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, trying to figure out what it means that over 80,000 people have signed up to this group in only a few days (it had only … Continue reading

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The suspension of Parliament: What’s at stake, and an announcement

It’s been heartening to see the beginnings of some grassroots opposition to Stephen Harper’s decision to suspend Parliament rather than face tough questions about Afghan detainees from the opposition. Hopefully, the 185,000-plus people signed up for the Facebook page Canadians … Continue reading

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