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Getting ready to debate Canadian copyright: Things to keep in mind

So Canada is going to be getting a new copyright bill, sooner rather than later. The cynic in me says that this only means that a federal election is also going be happening sooner rather than later. (My inner cynic … Continue reading

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Canada’s Access to Information Act leaves grad students out in the cold

When I get back to Ottawa in a few weeks, I have waiting for me a package of documents I requested from the Privy Council Office (PCO) about Canada’s attempts to implement the 1996 WIPO Internet treaties. I asked for … Continue reading

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Mexico copyright reform: Well, that was quick

Way back in November I blogged about the Coalición por el Acceso Legal a la Cultura (Coalition for Legal Access to Culture), which brought together industry and artists’ groups (actually, collection societies representing artists and various unions), the two big … Continue reading

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