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Canada and the United States: Two Separate Countries, Part XVII

Think the “Beyond the Border” Canada-U.S. joint security arrangement will do anything to improve the two countries’ overall trade relationship, beyond the direct effects of the agreements’ provisions (provided they’re not overridden by Congress)? Think again: Canada plans to fight … Continue reading

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What border-security agreements can and can’t deliver

According to the Globe and Mail, Canada and the United States have reached an agreement on that border-security deal they announced back in February. Interesting that the agreement will likely be announced almost 10 years to the day that the … Continue reading

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Hyperbole-free copyright reporting: It can be done!

We have a winner! Tannara Yelland sticks to the facts and contributes some original reporting that captures the complexity of the Access Copyright situation without vilifying anyone (h/t Geist). Good stuff. Kudos to Yelland and the Canadian University Press for boldly going where … Continue reading

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The dismal state of the copyright debate

I really have to get back to writing proposals and journal articles, so I’ll keep this brief. Just last week I was hoping that the Globe and Mail (or some paper, any paper) would do some actual reporting on the … Continue reading

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The spread of copyright norms: Evidence from Sweden

Yet more evidence, via Wikileaks cables, of another country’s decision to acquiesce to U.S. copyright-reform demands. This time it’s Sweden, and the cables reveal a virtual checklist of demands, including the prosecution of the owners of the Pirate Bay. An … Continue reading

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