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Hyperbole-free copyright reporting: It can be done!

We have a winner! Tannara Yelland sticks to the facts and contributes some original reporting that captures the complexity of the Access Copyright situation without vilifying anyone (h/t Geist). Good stuff. Kudos to Yelland and the Canadian University Press for boldly going where … Continue reading

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The dismal state of the copyright debate

I really have to get back to writing proposals and journal articles, so I’ll keep this brief. Just last week I was hoping that the Globe and Mail (or some paper, any paper) would do some actual reporting on the … Continue reading

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Low Stakes in the Access Copyright Fight: $175 per author per year

DC Reid, over at Creators’ Access Copyright, responds to John Degen’s full-throated defence of Access Copyright (covered here and here), by reminding us what is at stake for creators in the whole Access Copyright-universities battle royale. In short, not very … Continue reading

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Access Copyright: The Globe and Mail’s One-Sided Story

I don’t quite know where to start with John Degen’s attack in the Globe and Mail on the decision of 26 educational institutions (and counting) to opt out of Access Copyright (which collects royalties for Canadian authors mainly from Canadian educational institutions, after … Continue reading

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