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Copyright shapes creation; it doesn’t drive it

I’m only now getting around to Peter Nowak’s provocative post (and its follow-up) about living in a world without copyright. One of the commentators wonders what this would do for creation: “Sure, people will create without IP law, but why … Continue reading

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That Republican copyright critique isn’t conservative: It’s economic

Nice to see that that that Republican memo proposing that copyright be considerably rethought has been getting a lot of coverage. And I’m particularly interested to read an upcoming book that will apparently make the conservative case for copyright reform (h/t … Continue reading

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Interested in balanced, user-friendly copyright law? Get ready to start voting Republican [updated below]

One of the most fascinating things about copyright is how it has largely been a non-partisan issue, particularly in the United States. Unlike pretty much every other public-policy issue in existence, you can’t predict how an American politician will vote … Continue reading

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Why it’s a dumb idea to interfere in another country’s election (hint: it has nothing to do with abortion)

I see that people are up in arms over the cancellation of a field trip by students from my old neighbourhood in Ottawa. Students were supposed to go to Ohio – the state that will likely deliver Tuesday’s U.S. presidential … Continue reading

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