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Reflections on an inflection point

Since we’re going through what seems to be a world-historic moment, I’m using this space to record my impressions about the current U.S., um, situation. We’ll see how well they’ll age. If the United States makes it through the next … Continue reading

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Where are the calls for Trump to resign?

One of the most baffling aspects of U.S. politics over the past four years has been the continued and ongoing failure of American professional, media and academic elites to rise to the existential challenge that Donald Trump poses to the … Continue reading

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Interested in balanced, user-friendly copyright law? Get ready to start voting Republican [updated below]

One of the most fascinating things about copyright is how it has largely been a non-partisan issue, particularly in the United States. Unlike pretty much every other public-policy issue in existence, you can’t predict how an American politician will vote … Continue reading

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Why it’s a dumb idea to interfere in another country’s election (hint: it has nothing to do with abortion)

I see that people are up in arms over the cancellation of a field trip by students from my old neighbourhood in Ottawa. Students were supposed to go to Ohio – the state that will likely deliver Tuesday’s U.S. presidential … Continue reading

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