Liveblogging Sidewalk Labs’ Master Innovation and Development Plan, Bonus entry 8: Every single Orangespace MIDP post, now in old-school pdf form!

I spent an evening this past week turning all 52 of this blog’s posts on Sidewalk Labs’ Master Innovation and Development Plan into a pdf, complete with brief introduction. So if you, like Sidewalk Labs, are a pdf aficionado, you’re welcome!

That said, this new format come with some drawbacks, namely that I didn’t embed any of my cleverly chosen YouTube videos, so when I make an in-text Community reference, you’ll just have to use your imagination to make sense of it all.

The document does still include working weblinks (although not in-text hyperlinks; I did the whole thing in about 5 hours and didn’t feel like setting them up), so there’s that.

Before putting this pdf together, I don’t think I realized how much writing I did in about 3-4 weeks for what I assumed at the beginning would be a relatively straightforward, quick project. The whole thing, including the new introduction and Dr. Natasha Tusikov’s guest post, comes to about 100,000 words, which is a bit shorter than my book, although hopefully my book contains fewer typos.

And, yes, the irony of putting together what is effectively a 300-page summary of a 1,500-page document is not lost on me, Dr. Tusikov having already made this point emphatically.

Anyway, if pdfs are your thing, enjoy. Kill some trees, read it on your device of choice, take it to the lake. And if any publishers are reading, I’ll consider any reasonable offer in the low six figures, but I get to retain the movie rights. You know where to reach me.


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