Read it now! "From ‘Radical Extremism’ to ‘Balanced Copyright’: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda"

In what has to be some kind of land-speed record, From ‘Radical Extremism’ to ‘Balanced Copyright’: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda is now available in a print edition ($65) and online (free, under a Creative Commons license). Did I mention that the entire thing came together in just over four months? And that all the chapters were refereed?

My contribution, “North American Digital Copyright, Regional Governance, and the Potential for Variation,” is also available for download. It’s all very exciting: there’s nothing like having your first refereed contribution come out just as you’re finishing the entire dissertation.

I haven’t had a chance to read the other chapters yet, but if they come anywhere close to approaching the quality of the presentations made by several contributors at the book launch last Thursday, the whole book is going to be a vital contribution to the immediate political debate over Bill C-32 and the long-run academic debate over Canadian copyright.


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