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Copyright infringement and high prices

Just a quick note to highlight the release of a new study, Media Piracy in Developing Countries. One of its main points seems to be that copyright infringement in these countries is largely driven by the high (monopoly) prices that … Continue reading

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Mexico copyright reform: Well, that was quick

Way back in November I blogged about the Coalición por el Acceso Legal a la Cultura (Coalition for Legal Access to Culture), which brought together industry and artists’ groups (actually, collection societies representing artists and various unions), the two big … Continue reading

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ACTA: All Global Treaties are Local

A nice reminder, courtesy of Michael Geist , that the battle over the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is going to get messier the more that groups directly affected by but excluded from the talks are heard and, most importantly, are … Continue reading

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News flash: Canadian broadband great, says paper owned by ISP

I thought there was something off in the story in the Globe and Mail (a division of CTV Globemedia, owned in part by the same company that owns Sympatico) by Leonard Waverman and Kalyan Dasgupta about how Canadian broadband access … Continue reading

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In Mexico, creators and industry are getting together

Very interesting news here in Mexico. El Universal and others (all sources are in Spanish) are reporting that over 30 copyright-related groups are coming together to form the Coalición por el acceso legal a la cultura(Coalition for legal access to … Continue reading

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